Trust, but VALIDATE Your CAD Models...

When a model is exported from its original parent CAD system, and then imported into a different CAD/CAM/CMM system, the translation process of that model may introduce unexpected errors. These unexpected errors may range from not all the surfaces transferring over into the new CAD/CAM/CMM system, or the original model surface edges and faces not joining at the appropriate positions in the derivative model.

Capvidia's CompareVidia software helps validate CAD models, both the authority & the derivative, against one another, to ensure their data integrity. This can be completed easily before the derivative model is moved downstream into manufacturing, and the part is created.

The CAD validation process is an important part of the ISO standard quality procedures ensuring 3D CAD data integrity and integral to Boeing's D6-51991 Supplier Quality procedure. CompareVidia provides an extremely accurate, fast and efficient method to compliment your company's quality process workflows based on the exchange of the 3D CAD data.

Using CompareVidia's well-documented and traceable quality reporting options like xml, text .ppt or pdf, allow all manufacturing team members full access to the validation information for critical decision-making.