Capvidia Empowers Model Based Definition (MBD)

19 May 2015


Leuven, Belgium, May 19, 2015 – Capvidia announced support for STEP AP 242 standardized 3-D models to exchange information across design and manufacturing in one seamless “digital thread.” STEP AP 242 is the new international standard for incorporating product and manufacturing information (PMI) into 3D models for downstream use.

STEP AP 242 with its embedded data and instructions helps downstream users understand and improve manufacturing and inspection processes. AP 242 differs from other STEP standards because it retains geometric and dimensional tolerance information, as well as actionable specifications for materials, surface texture, process notes, finish requirements, and other information. This value-added collaboration is expected to reduce cycle times, costs, avoid duplication of effort, and lower the risk of errors, while increasing part yields and quality.

Capvidia’s implementation of STEP AP 242 provides both read and write support with full MBD data.  Capvidia’s representation also maintains semantic PMI, notes, metadata, saved views and offers 3 different PMI presentation methods – polyline, tessellated and character-based.

"Providing STEP AP 242 to our customers is an important step toward enabling the Model-Based Enterprise (MBE)," says Tomasz Luniewski, CEO and Founder of Capvidia, "Our products enable a broad number of individuals to access and share 3D data without using a traditional CAD system."

Capvidia is a global company operating through a network of offices in the USA, Europe and Asia. As a leading software solution provider for the manufacturing industry, Capvidia offers products and related services in CAD Data Translation, Validation, Quality Assessment, Model Based Enterprise/Model Based Definition, and Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation and Optimization. For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Capvidia Joins PTC PartnerAdvantage Program

12 March 2015


PTCLeuven, Belgium, March 12, 2015 – Capvidia announced the company has joined the PTC® PartnerAdvantage™ Program to create integrated, collaborative solutions that enable PTC Creo® users to optimize interoperability and streamline workflows for Model Based Design. The PTC PartnerAdvantage Program is PTC's technology partner program for complementary hardware and software companies.

Creovidia supports the new QIF ANSI standard, which enables PTC customers using the product to easily view and/or create QIF files. Capvidia’s SDK supports development of new applications using QIF and the integration of QIF into existing ACIS based metrological applications.

Capvidia offers a wide selection of products supporting MBD Visualization and Analysis, CAD Model Validation, Data Interoperability, CAD Quality Assessment (in accordance with MIL STD 31000 standard). They also offer tools that support the preparation of a detailed and complete TDP (Technical Data Package) for the adopters of MBE concepts.


ANSI Approves New QIF v 2.0 Standard

20 November 2014

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Approves New Quality Information Framework (QIF) v 2.0 Standard

New QIF™ V2.0 Standard:  A Major Breakthrough for Manufacturing Quality
Provides Complete & Accurate MBD along with many other enhancements for the Metrology Industry

qifBurleson, Texas, USA November 20, 2014 — The (DMSC, Inc.) Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium announced today the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has approved QIF v 2.0 (Quality Information Framework, version 2.0) as an American National Standard.  This new standard enhances the previous ANSI Standard, QIF V1.0 containing quality planning and measurement results, by providing a complete and accurate 3D product definition with semantic geometric and dimensional tolerances, definitions for measurement resources, template for measurement rules, and statistical functionality. 



09 March 2015

MTCLeuven, Belgium, March 9, 2015 – Capvidia has become the latest member of the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, UK. The MTC offers a unique environment that brings together leading academics, engineers and industry professionals to develop new and exciting manufacturing technologies. Capvidia will work with MTC researchers, end users, engineers and operators to develop and deliver proven interoperability solutions that benefit engineering and manufacturing.

MTC and Capvidia will demonstrate and prove new, innovative MBD solutions for a diverse range of companies in the aerospace, automotive, transportation, robotics, production, defense and marine industries. Capvidia experts will work with engineers and production specialists at the Manufacturing Technology Centre to improve client business effectiveness.

MTC Chief Executive Dr. Clive Hickman said he was pleased Capvidia had joined the MTC community. “We now have several members interested in Model Based Engineering and together we will explore these new technologies. Capvidia is a recognized industry thought leader and we look forward to working with Capvidia’s experts here at the MTC,” he said.


Capvidia joins the SIMULIA “Living Heart Project”

24 October 2014

Capvidia joins the SIMULIA “Living Heart Project” to contribute with the CFD simulation.

The Living Heart project has been initialized by SIMULIA Dassault Systems ( involves a consortium of companies, cardiovascular researchers, educators, leading software developers, medical device manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and practicing cardiologists in order to achieve a realistic simulation of 3D human heart model.


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