CompareVidia TEC Validates CAD Model Design,
PMI and Engineering Changes

The TEC module extends CompareVidia possibilities to track design and engineering changes made to the CAD model. All changes for the 3D CAD model are tracked, including related information like part notes and annotations covering complete 3D MBD (Model Base Definition).

Product Manufacturing Information

The Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) stored with a 3D model is now easily accessible from native CAD models. PMI text and dimensions provide essential manufacturing information about tolerances, surface quality, tolerance for parallel walls or axis, etc. PMI information is displayed on the 3D model and accessible from the project tree. Users can activate/hide PMI layers, change the font type, alter the letter size, edit dimensions, and print the PMI information for documentation purposes.

TEC checks differences in the PMI (Product Manufacturing Information), GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing) or FT&A (Functional Tolerancing & Annotation) including extended support of full semantic PMI/GD&T/FT&A representation for Dassault's CATIA V5, Siemens NX, PTC's Creo (ProE) and STEP CAD formats.

TEC also compares and tracks the non-semantic PMI tags that are represented as independent poly-line objects (STEP 203 E2D or IGES). The links between the 3D geometry and its associated graphic information and tolerances are completely upheld. This allows comparison of Model Based Definition (MBD) CAD models side-by-side. (see video- click here- PMI_comparison_revision_control & PMI_comparison)

Flexible Reporting

Detecting PMI, GD&T or FT&A differences are included in the CompareVidia report including all geometric, topologic and annotation changes in the CAD model. The report is available as 2D or full 3D format. The 2D report provides simple screen captures, user annotations and notes to give the manufacturing department real-time information before starting the process. The 3D report gives full, detailed information accessible for the operator running TEC.

TEC features an "AUTO-SAVE" feature enables the user to set-up the report structure so it is automatically generated during tracking operation. In many cases, these reports can be added to the QA package for even better clarification of intended and unintended changes in the CAD model. You can select different report formats like: .pdf, .xml, .html.

Batch Comparison

Manually running several CAD models through a validation process can be stressful and time consuming. TEC's "batch compare" feature allows loading the data into the batch process and letting it run automatically. Batch mode comparison operates as an application with its own user interface or can be executed from the command line. TEC's user interface allows on-line monitoring of the process status. And once it's completed, a general report is presented, giving an overview with batch operation results.


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CompareVidia TEC Provides Precise CAD Data Validation
for Multi-Vendor CAD/CAM Environments

  • Detects visible/non-visible 3D CAD design changes
  • Identifies semantic and non-semantic PMI, GD&T and FT&A information
  • Identifies meta-data and CAD note information
  • Strategically component of the MBD implementation
  • Fast and simple to use – individual checking of single CAD parts or as a volume batch operation
  • Capable with all current CAD formats
  • Comprehensive reporting of 2D/3D in .TXT, .PDF, .PPT, HTML or XML
  • Easily integrated into existing manufacturing and quality processes


  • Confirms 3D CAD data integrity during Revision Change Process
  • Eliminates costly mistakes by catching intended and unintended design changes
  • Saves engineering time and minimize the cost
  • Complies with quality standards (ISO 9000)
  • Increases manufacturing confidence in producing the correct part the first time

CompareVidia TEC Compares Native & Neutral CAD Models
as Well as PMI, FT&A & GD&T Features

  • Fast and simple to use
  • Detects intended and non-intended design changes to the CAD model
  • Discovers seen & unseen design changes to the CAD model
  • Identifies changes in semantic and non-semantic PMI, GD&T or FT&A
  • Strategic component of the MBD implementation
  • Batch Processing Capability
  • Compatible with All current CAD formats (Click here for most current format list...)
  • Comprehensive reporting of 2D/3D in .TXT, .PDF, .PPT, HTML or XML
  • Easy integration into existing manufacturing and quality processes

CAD Model Revisions and Engineering Change Orders

Changes that happen during engineering and manufacturing processes are difficult to catch by just overlaying the two parts in a CAD system. That's where the CompareVidia-TEC module fits in.

CompareVidia TEC provides you absolute confidence that ALL of the differences in the older CAD Revision "A", and the newer CAD Revision "B" are incorporated prior to manufacturing saving time, money, and a lot of headaches! The CompareVidia TEC module can be automated using a batch mode capable of handling multiple files at once.

OEM/Supplier Quality Assurance

The Supplier can use CompareVidia TEC to validate the latest design revision from the OEM by measuring the differences between the OLD authority CAD model revision and the NEW revision. Design differences are detected automatically, providing a graphical representation of the changes in both CAD Models.

All changes become traceable and reportable ensuring a true quality connection between the OEM and their supply chain.

At the OEM level, CompareVidia TEC can automatically validate numerous CAD revisions to ensure all design changes have been accounted for prior to supply chain distribution. The smallest deviations in design can be detected at the OEM level to prevent possible manufacturing faults, inconsistencies and reduce potential scrap downstream with the Supply Chain. Only Design Validated CAD revisions are passed onto the OEM Supply Chain for production.

CompareVidia Standalone version:

Includes STEP/IGES formats. Additional read modules sold separately. Choose from CATIA V5, CATIA V4, ProE, UG, SolidWorks, Parasolid, Inventor and STL Read modules.

CompareVidia TEC

Add on to CompareVidia - Validates CAD Model Design, PMI and Engineering Change. Includes STEP/IGES formats. Additional read and PMI modules sold separately. Choose from CATIA V5, CATIA V4, ProE, SolidWorks, Parasolid, UG, Parasolid, Inventor and STL Read modules and CATIA V5 PMI, UG PMI, and ProE PMI.

CompareVidia Batch:

Automates the validation process using batch mode function.

CompareVidia Viewer:

View 3D reports from CompareVidia. The reports are read only and contain full 3D information of the validation result.