Capvidia Fluid Dynamic Simulation Technology

FlowVision is a complete, integrated CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation software. Based on the traditional Finite Volume concept and modern C++ implementation, FlowVision is still very different from other CFD codes. The FlowVision workflow is more flexible and focused on solving physical problems rather than mesh generation. Meshing in FlowVision is completely automatic and forms an integral part of a solver, which results in many benefits and unique capabilities.

The FlowVision development started in the late 90’s at Russian Academy of Science and is continued since 1999 in the Capvidia group. Today FlowVision evolved to the third generation product addressing wide range of applications often unique and not supported by traditional CFD products.

Co-simulation with SIMULIA Abaqus has been pioneered for over 15 years resulting in powerful solution for heavily coupled FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction) problems as e.g. simulation of tires hydroplaning.

High-level scalability of FlowVision parallel solver minimizes computational time scaling complex R&D simulations to practical engineering tasks.
The multi-parameter optimization automates design processes to deliver optimal solutions which are impossible to get through traditional engineering practices.

If you look for costs savings and quality increase for your products, FlowVision is the right way to go. Please read further or contact us for more information already today.


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FlowVision’s major advantages:

  • Direct integration with the SolidWorks 3D solid modeler system
  • Support of VRML and STL formats for geometry definition and integration with standard CAD packages
  • Use of stable and accurate numerical methods;
  • Powerful OpenGL based post-processor;
  • Operating systems: Linux (Red Hat EL 4 and following versions, SUSE 10 and following versions);  Windows 2000 Service Pack 3;  Windows Server 2003;  Windows XP (32/64) Service Pack 2;  Windows HPC Server 2008; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista (32/64);  Windows 7 (32/64)
  • 32 or 64 BIT operation
  • Fully object oriented C++ implementation.

FlowVision Simulates Incompressible and Compressible 3D Laminar and Turbulent Gas/Fluid Flows

combustion analysis with FlowVisionFlowVision simulates incompressible and compressible 3D laminar and turbulent gas/fluid flows. Its advanced turbulence models allow analysis of a wide range of complex industrial problems including the analysis of strong swirling flows and the analysis of flows with combustion.

The FlowVision solver is based on a finite volume method and uses a locally and dynamically adapted mesh. An innovative sub-grid geometry resolution technology is used for the precise description of the curvilinear geometry of complex aerodynamic shapes.

FlowVision works directly on CAD data from all well-known CAD packages, like SolidWorks for instance.

FlowVision has a fully automatic Mesh Generator. The mesh is adapted to the solution and the shape of the computational domain to resolve all nuances of the fluid motion with complex physics. The adaptive rectangular grid is generated automatically during the calculation process. A user can control and fine-tune this process with a few easy-to-use parameters.

FlowVision has successfully been used since 1992 for the investigation of fluid/gas flows in various engineering applications:

  • Analysis of gas flows in ducts and scrubbers, fluid flow in cleaning devices, and processes related with charge/recharge of hydrogen storage vessels
  • Investigation of ventilation systems (air flow, heat and contamination transfer) in industrial halls (electrolizer shop in aluminum plant, airplane hangar)
  • Modeling of flows in electro-hydrodynamic pumps
  • Investigation of combustion process in burners and boilers used in power stations
  • Simulation of a car tire aquaplaning at high speed










Oil & Gas













Annual License:

FlowVision can be licensed on an annual basis. Choose between Pre/Post procession options, Geometry CAD/CAE import options and various solver options. Also choose the number of processes your simulation requires.

Perpetual License:

FlowVision can also be purchased and licensed. An annual maintenance fee is required.

University License:

FlowVision has a university license is for research and education purposes uses within educational institutions and cannot be used for commercial use or for external and paid project work.