CompareWorks Compares & Validates CAD Models into SolidWorks

CompareWorks add-in enables SolidWorks users to validate CAD models imported into SolidWorks. It detects any geometry deviation between the imported and original CAD models. Models imported into SolidWorks can differ from the original models due to translation errors. Using different import options or spending countless hours on manual repairs can finally resolve the problem, but there is no way to know that the right corrections were made and that the corrected model matches the original one. CompareWorks eliminates any guessing and makes it easy to validate the integrity of the imported CAD data.


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CompareWorks Opens and Validates CAD Models Through SolidWorks Menu Options


Model verification with CompareWorks is easy, straightforward and fully integrated in SolidWorks. You use SolidWorks functions to import the authority CAD model. CompareWorks pops-up a question "do you want to validate the imported data". If the answer is yes, the authority model is read into CompareWorks and the SolidWorks model is compared to it. The results of validation are summarized in a .pdf report. If the validation fails, the differences are visible directly on the SolidWorks model. Import the model again with different SolidWorks settings or try to correct the errors manually. Another option is also to use FormatWorks to secure precise data import for SolidWorks.

Supported CAD Formats


Format File extensions Version 3D MBD
ACIS .asc R1 - 2016 1.0 yes
CAPXML .xml yes
CATIA V4 .model, .exp 4.1.9 – 4.2.4



R6 – R26


CATIA V6 .CATPart, .CATProduct V6R2016 yes
DXF/DWG .dxf, .dwg 2.5 - 2014
IGES .igs, .iges, .ig2(catia) up to 5.3
Inventor .ipt V6 – V2016
.iam V11 – V2016
JT .jt 6.4 – 9.5
ProE / Creo .prt, .prt.*, .asm, .asm.* 16 – Creo 3.0 yes
Siemens NX .prt 11 – NX 10 yes
Solid Edge .par, .asm, .psm V18 – ST8
STEP .stp, .step AP203, AP214, 242 yes
QIF .qif,.xml 1.9.3 yes
3DXML  v4.3
XCGM  R2012 - R2016 1.0
VDA-FS  1.0 - 2.0



Format File extensions Version
ACIS .sat R18 - 2016 1.0
CAP XML .xml
CATIA V4 .model CATIA 4.1.9 – CATIA 4.2.4



R6 – R26

(V5 – V6R2016)

IGES .igs, .iges up to 5.3
STEP .stp AP203, AP214
QIF .qif,.xml 1.9.3
3D PDF .pdf 1.7
3DXML v4.3
XCGM R2012 - R2016 1.0

CompareWorks add-in extends SolidWorks environment to support MBD/MBE (Model Base Definition/Model Based Enterprise) concepts.

  • Secures integrity of 3D CAD models imported into SolidWorks
  • Extends SolidWorks to comply with MBE (Model Based Enterprise) concepts
  • Based on Boeing D6-51991 "Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition"

If you work with 3D models created in other CAD systems than SolidWorks you know that importing them into SolidWorks is not always an easy task. Depending on the quality of the data you may get a valid and editable solid or a collection of free surfaces that are impossible to knit together in SolidWorks.

Whenever you import CAD data into SolidWorks you should always validate the results to make sure the imported model matches the original model. The validation process is easy to perform and simple to install with CompareWorks. Each model imported into SolidWorks (check model) is automatically validated against the original model (authority model) at a user specified tolerance (e.g. 0.002 mm). You get "No Change/Change" (green/red) status as the validation result.

The basic check validates the geometric correspondence between imported and original models. Additional validation criteria can be used to check topology, attributes, names, colors, etc. The validation results are summarized in a detailed report.

The validation process complies with ISO standard quality procedures. It proves that a model imported into SolidWorks and the original model are the same. This makes the CAD import process a documented and traceable procedure in your company workflow. In case of liability claims or faults reported by customers you can easily identify the source of a problem and prove correctness of the procedures used in your company.

CompareWorks has been developed based on the Boeing (D6-51991) specification. The validation procedures are widely used by the entire Boeing supplier's ecosystem. Benefits:

  • Guarantees the original model is correctly imported into SolidWorks.
  • Maintain high product quality and avoid potential liability claims.
  • Extends SolidWorks to comply with Model Based Enterprise procedures
  • Maintain your SolidWorks investment and increase your global product quality
  • Easy to implement and integrate into your company's existing quality procedures
  • Cost effective – avoid hidden costs by detecting errors immediately and avoid customer liability claims


CompareWorks add-in enables SolidWorks users to validate CAD models imported into SolidWorks. It detects any geometry deviation between the imported and original CAD models. IGES and STEP read modules are included. Additional read modules CATIA V5, CATIA V4, ProE, UG, Inventor and STL are sold as add-on modules

CompareWorks Float

CompareWorks Float allows multiple users to share CompareWorks license across a network

Capvidia's CompareWorks add-in enables SolidWorks users to validate CAD models imported into SolidWorks. It detects any geometry deviation between the imported and the original CAD models.

Translation Validation

Is a CAD model translated into SolidWorks the same as the original CAD model? A model imported into SolidWorks can be different than the original model or it can have translation errors. Countless hours can be spent trying to manually correct translation errors. Once errors are corrected does the SolidWorks model match the original CAD model? CompareWorks eliminates any guessing and makes it easy to validate an imported model even after corrections have been made.

Boeing D6-51991

If you are Boeing supplier and need to comply with the Boeing D6-51991 "Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition" CompareWorks is an answer. Imported authority models will be compared with resulting SolidWorks models accordingly to criteria defined in Boeing D6-51991 recommendation. The result is available as .pdf report documenting the validation process.

Data Migration Validation

Migration of data from other CAD systems into SolidWorks requires that the imported model has to be the same as the original model. CompareWorks provides the confidence that the migration was done correctly by comparing the SolidWorks model back to the original model. CompareWorks also has a powerful batch capability to streamline and automate the validation process.

Model Based Enterprise (MBE)

CompareWorks extends SolidWorks capabilities to comply with MBE. In the MBE process 3D CAD models are used as a reference/authority for engineering and manufacturing throughout the entire product life cycle. Create a customizable report summarizing the validation results.


Now SolidWorks users can compare and validate imported SolidWorks models prior to manufacturing. CompareWorks ensures that the model used in manufacturing is a precise and high quality representation of the original model. Make correct parts the first time and avoid the cost of wasted materials and manufacturing time.