Long Term Data Archiving & Retrieval

Capvidia has a partnership with Jotne EPM Technology, an innovative software company providing solutions for Industrial Data Management, using open and public standards. Capvidia brings to this market a new solution for long-term 3D data archiving with the EDMmodelServer.

The EDMmodelServer supports the implementation of the EN9300 standard (LOTAR) for archiving 3D CAD data. The EDMmodelServer from EPM has been extended to include the verification of 3D STEP models.

The verification of the 3D STEP models is performed using Capvidia's proprietary 3DTransVidia technology.

Capvidia's STEP translator is an essential component of EDMmodelServer for 3D and PLM solution for long-term archiving of 3D CAD data for the aerospace industry. The STEP translator is fully integrated within the EDMmodelServer.

For more information please contact Capvidia or Jotne EPM Technology.