MBDVidia for PTC Creo is a Capvidia add-in designed to extend and facilitate creation, preparation, and export of 3D MBD models in PTC Creo.  It contains 2 separate modules:

•    MBD-ready models: Creating annotated 3D models from 2D Drawings - Model Based Definition (MBD) is the next engineering revolution, where annotated 3D models instead of traditional 2D drawings are used as the single source for design, engineering, manufacturing and quality control. If your company is implementing MBD, then you will need to create MBD-Ready models including the Product Manufacturing Information (PMI).

•    Inspection-ready models: MBD Export to neutral standard formats - To ensure that downstream users can reuse your data, you will need to convert native Creo MBD-Ready models into a neutral data exchange standard such as STEP AP 242 or ANSI QIF (Quality Information Framework).