For SolidWorks Users Working with Imported CAD Models

Using SolidWorks to import and work with 3D models created in other CAD is not always an easy task. The import of 3D models into SolidWorks requires that they be valid and editable solids, but often the result can be a collection of free surfaces that are impossible to knit together in SolidWorks. Converting them into solids requires extensive manual work and it is not always successful. Capvidia specializes in products and solutions extending SolidWorks capabilities, saving engineering time and keeping projects and budgets within defined limits and time schedules.

SolidWorks Certified Gold ProductFormatWorks
Provides Correct and Precise Import of 3D CAD Models into SolidWorks

FormatWorksA wide range of formats is supported including formats that are not available in SolidWorks such as native CATIA V4 and CATIA V5. If your work requires compatibility with MBD (Model Base Definition) data you can access annotation, GD&T and PMI info directly from Dassault CATIA V5, UGS/Siemens NX, CREO-Pro/E and STEP A203 Ed2. FormatWorks will import 3D CAD models better than SolidWorks, especially for neutral formats like IGES and STEP. Automatic repair and diagnostics tools ensure high data quality. The preview/select function minimizes the amount of data for use in SolidWorks. With FormatWorks, imported models are easily converted into workable and editable solids in SolidWorks.

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Validates the Integrity of 3D Models Imported into a SolidWorks CAD Model

CompareWorksCAD models imported into SolidWorks should always be validated with the original model. The imported model can't differ from the original definition. Validation is simple and easy with CompareWorks. The imported model (check model) is automatically compared with the original model (authority model) at user specified tolerance (e.g. 0.002 mm). You get a passed/failed status for the validation result. The validation process is a must in the implementation of MBE (Model Based Enterprise) concepts or the implementation of ISO quality standards to ensure 3D CAD data integrity. CompareWorks provides documented and traceable procedures that are easy to use and implement into your company workflows.

Verifies the Quality of Models Created or Imported into SolidWorks

PDQWorksPDQWorks real-time quality check is an excellent tool to control 3D model quality during the design process in SolidWorks. Choose a suitable standard from VDA 4955, SAISIG, JAMA, AIAG, Boeing, Airbus, Audi, Renault, VW, Daimler-Chrysler, and others, or user-defined quality criteria reflecting your company needs. Using design rules ensures uniform designs across the organization, making designs compatible with manufacturing processes and improves data interoperability between processes and work-flows sharing the same 3D models. The real-time PDQ check controls 3D model quality on each design step. If a CAD operation violates the quality guidelines, a warning is given to the user instantly. The operation can be rolled-back and a different parameter or different CAD function can be used until the warning is removed. Implementing PDQWorks will secure design conformity across the organization, compatibility with manufacturing processes while increasing the global quality standard.